Improved Results with Advanced Technology

We ensure your comfort, convenience and health with the latest innovations.

Drs. Evan Kantor and James DiGiacinto, skilled periodontists in Mt. Kisco, NY, utilize innovative technology in order to provide you with the finest care available. A few of the advances we implement into our implant dentistry and gum disease treatment procedures include:

  • Oraqix®
  • Comfort Control™ Syringe
  • Piezosurgery®
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Cone Beam CT Technology- Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic®
  • Microscope for Graft Photos
  • iPlus Biolase

A Needle-Free Visit with Oraqix®

Oraqix® is a local anesthetic in gel form that can be administered without the use of needles. Oraqix® is fast acting so your appointments for gum disease treatment will be efficient and convenient.

A Better Experience with Comfort Control™ Syringe

The Comfort Control™ Syringe administers anesthetic slowly. Controlled by computer, injections will cause little to no discomfort, eliminating the fear and discomfort associated with needles.

Replacing Dental Drills with Piezosurgery®

Piezosurgery® incorporates ultrasonic waves to replace drills and burs. Piezosurgery® offers numerous benefits, including greater accuracy, increased comfort and reduced healing times. Schedule your consultation with our periodontists in Mt. Kisco, NY, and ask about Piezosurgery®.

Improved Diagnostics with Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays and CT Cone Beam Technology instead of traditional film to safeguard your health and comfort. Mount Kisco Periodontics are able to enlarge the images to afford a better view of any potential areas of concern. Digital x-rays are also faster to take and expose you to less radiation.

Enhanced Images with Microscopes

Drs. Kantor and DiGiacinto utilize a microscope for gum grafting procedures and photographs. Microscopes greatly improve the visual field, allowing both you and your periodontist an excellent insight into the health of your gums after gum disease treatment.

Enjoy the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your consultation with Mount Kisco Periodontics and learn how we can provide you with the ultimate standard in periodontal care and implant dentistry, as well as innovative therapies to increase your comfort and improve your long-term oral health.

iPlus Biolase

Enjoy faster visits with less pain and anxiety when Dr. Kantor and Dr. James DiGiacinto use this revolutionary tool. The Biolase WaterLase iPlus harnesses the power of laser energy and a spray of water to cut soft tissue and bone without heat. This creates a no-pain, no-injection, no-drill dental experience.