Osseous Surgery

Get a Healthier Smile

Safe and effective gum disease treatment

Gum disease can quickly jeopardize your gums, teeth and bone. If you have been experiencing swollen, bleeding gums or have been diagnosed with gum disease, treatment should be scheduled as soon as possible to protect the health of your smile. Osseous surgery is one of the most effective and commonly performed gum disease treatments available.

Osseous Surgery

Did You Know:

A consultation for gum surgery with Mount Kisco Periodontics can show you how osseous surgery helps:

  •  Pocket Depth
  •  Bleeding Gums
  •  Inflammation
  •  Cleaner Teeth
  •  Bone Damage
  •  Overall Health

Restored Gum Health with Osseous Surgery

During this gum disease treatment, Drs. Kantor and DiGiacinto will reduce the periodontal pocket depth by removing diseased tissue and re-positioning the remaining gum tissue to more snugly fit around your tooth. Bone health is also addressed in this gum surgery in Mt. Kisco, NY, as it is negatively impacted by gum disease. When the bacteria are trapped in your periodontal pockets, they destroy bone tissue resulting in a rough surface. Our periodontists will smooth the bone beneath your gum line to correct the damage.

After osseous surgery, your periodontist may recommend periodontal maintenance every three to four months to monitor the health of your gums and control the growth of bacteria. These preventative gum disease treatments are similar to deep cleanings.

Enjoy the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your consultation with Mount Kisco Periodontics and learn how we can provide you with the ultimate standard in periodontal care and implant dentistry, as well as innovative therapies to increase your comfort and improve your long-term oral health.