Laser Therepy

Gentle, Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Improve the health of your gums with more comfort and convenience

Gum disease can progressively rob you of your beautiful smile. Beginning with swollen, irritated gums, periodontal infection can cause you to lose gum tissue, bone and your teeth. It’s estimated that one in two Americans over 30 years old suffer from gum disease. Why then, do so many of us put off treatment? It’s probable that because the damage happens so slowly, many do not notice until the consequences are dire, or maybe there is a fear of gum surgery. Also, the connections between gum disease and overall wellness are not widely known.

Did You Know:

If you suffer from periodontal infection, you are more likely to have one of the following conditions?

  •  Heart disease
  •  Stroke
  •  Memory loss
  •  Lung disease
  •  Cancer
  •  Diabetes

Laser Dentistry Resolves Your Gum Infection Safely and Effectively

If you have been neglecting treatment because you are concerned about the discomfort and downtime associated with gum surgery, schedule a consultation for laser dentistry in Mt. Kisco, NY. Laser dentists Dr. Evan Kantor and Dr. James DiGiacinto can provide you with comfortable, convenient treatment for gum disease using dental lasers.

The WaterLase iPlus™ harnesses the power of laser dentistry and water to provide you with a scalpel-free gum disease treatment. Our laser dentists can remove bacteria and diseased tissue without making a single incision. This drastically improves your experience, reducing discomfort and speeding the healing process.

This cutting edge laser technology is safe and effective and has no contraindications. Laser dentistry provides an excellent method of gum disease treatment for anyone but can be especially beneficial for patients who suffer anxiety at the thought of surgery or have medical conditions that preclude them from surgery. You can still enjoy a healthier, cleaner mouth with the WaterLase iPlus™.

Enjoy the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your consultation with Mount Kisco Periodontics and learn how we can provide you with the ultimate standard in periodontal care and implant dentistry, as well as innovative therapies to increase your comfort and improve your long-term oral health.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Faster Healing -This procedure is minimally invasive procedure that allows the body to heal itself quickly

Less Discomfort – Due to the bio stimulation capabilities of laser dentistry there is usually little to no discomfort for our patients. It is very rare to prescribe pain medication post op.

Less Downtime – Most patients that opt for laser gum surgery can go straight back to their daily activities the same day!

Little to No Recession – Patients travel from across the state to have laser surgery because it does not lower the level of the gum line like traditional surgery.

Reduce Inflammation and Bleeding – Lasers used in dentistry can remove 90% of the inflammation in your mouth after one visit. The laser specifically targets the bacteria in your mouth while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

Minimal Bleeding – With this procedure we are able to control the bleeding with the laser. This results in less bleeding and complications.

Saves Teeth! – Patient’s number one reason to receive laser gum surgery is because they want to save and keep their natural teeth.

Bone Regeneration – Helps regenerate bone around teeth.

Very Safe – There are zero contraindications with this laser meaning it does not interfere with any disease or medication.